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Welcome to my Website!

From my childhood on I was always interested in all kinds of birds. At the age of 10 I began keeping canaries and carduelan finches. At this point of time I already had great success with the breeding. A little later I got my first pair of budgerigars. With these and all the birds that followed I was always able to obtain a lot of offspring.

After a long break and the purchasing of an own property, I started to deal with my hobby again, but this time very intensively. I started to breed larger parakeets in 1992 when I reconstructed my shed and put my first pair of cockatiels in the biggest aviary I built. Afterwards I added karakiris, senegal parrots, meyers-parrots and western rosellas. In my big garden aviaries I breeded red-winged parrots, king parrots, bluebonnets, ring-necked parakeets, crimson rosellas, mallee ringnecks und adelaide rosellas. Later on I added the first rosellas and as I saw the first lutinos and lutino reds I discovered an enthusiasm for the breeding of mutations. After a great success with the rosellamutations, I switched my breeding to primary crimson rosellas and red-rumped parrots about 5 years ago. In my 25 aviaries as well as in my 35 breeding-cages you can find almost every mutation of those species. 7 years ago I obtained a baby pair of tresmarias-amazons, which I still have. Actually as of today I am aiming toward a breeding of mainly amazons and cockatoos, but since I'm living in an urban area, I would need to do a soundproof reconstruction.

I now invite you to surf on my website and to get an overview of my birds.

I'm looking forward to any comments and questions and I hope you'll have a great time on my website,

yours Guenter Ballon